From the Owner of Kenela & Co.

Welcome to Kenela & Co! I’m so glad you’re here! In this company, I'm dedicated to give you the very best of earrings with a focus on fun, simplicity & uniqueness, while staying on top of trends! The earrings are exclusively handmade and laser cut, just for you! 

Founded in 2019, Kenela & Co. has come a long way from its beginnings in my own home in New Braunfels, Texas, the ‘Capital of Tubing’.   When I first started out, it was a side hobby & ended up being something bigger!  My passion is helping give back to the communities & help great causes reach their goals. I also love to serve customers, who I‘ve became friends with all over the US, & in the New Braunfels area. 

The earrings are carried in several boutiques around the US and I enjoy doing collaborations with small businesses. Who knew we would become great friends!   As a deaf business owner, I am also gladly a part of the Deaf Ecosystem.  

Here’s a bit of my personal side: I am a Iowa native! (Go Hawkeyes!) My family moved to Texas in 2017.  God called us to move here and we’re loving it!  I’m married to my husband, Nick, for 17 years! He is my greatest supporter.  We have 3 children who bring so much joy to our lives.

My favorite things to do is to spend lots of time with my family, go on the water, shopping, dropping off coffee to my dear friends, catching up with family afar. (Miss you all!) I also love to cuddle with our 3 Sphynx Cats! (Yes, the hairless kind, ha!!)  Oh, and I would eat tacos everyday if I could! (Hehe)

Your support in this small business is forever grateful! 

Much Love & Blessings,